Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day 2009 in Kinnelon

Here's the view from the green outside the Kinnelon NJ Borough Hall on this beautiful Memorial Day 2009. A ceremony of rememberance and appreciation for all those who died for our country took place at 11am.

Did you attend? If you did, would you share your thoughts with us here?

Lisa mentions that Butler had a parade. Did you take part in it? Would you share your impressions?

I remember the parade making its way up to Kinnelon several years back. That was impressive -- seeing all of the cub and boy scout troups, girl scout troups and the other volunteers groups - firefighters, police, ambulance corps... -- that serve our communities.

My friend Ilene O'Donnell in River Vale, NJ serves on the volunteer ambulance corps; she is fierce about her calling. She also marches in her parade.

We are all fortunate beyond belief to be surrounded by so much generosity and selflessness. Don't you think?

As you think about the meaning of the day, would you read through my post titled MyVetwork - The Veterans Networking Site over at Flooring The Consumer? The post describes a fantastic social networking site focused entiredly on veterans and their families.

MyVetwork, though, needs help finding office space in New York City.

Perhaps you or someone you know can help?

And, perhaps, too, you could get the word out about MyVetwork to anyone you know who has served or is serving in the US military.

Thank you and Happy Memorial Day!

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