Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Hot Hike Around Kinnelon's Kakeout Reservoir on 4/26/09

We missed you this past Sunday, April 26th when we had our very hot hike around the Kakeout Reservoir in Kinnelon, NJ... [For background info on the hike, read Kakeout Reservoir Hike Next Sunday 4/26/09 and Save The Date: Kakeout Reservoir Hike....].

Here you see part of our group as we were about to set off. This is by the trail head. Missing are six kids [Arianna, Emma, Paul, Miles, Roshan and Keith], three dogs [Sunshine, Midnight and Little Sunshine] and the men [they were parking the cars].

By the way, if you ever take this hike and have two cars, definitely park one at the trail head and the other at the trail end, thereby avoiding having to walk single file along that 1/2 mile stretch of Fayson Lakes Road that I personally consider scary.

This photo comes from the first part of the hike as we took footbridges across streams. We were disturbed to encounter kids playing pellet games and leaving a trail of colorful round plastic beads in their wake. Something tells me these beads aren't biodegradable...

Notice the skunk cabbage leaves unfurling. Contrast that with the view out your window today, just one week later. Pretty amazing what sunshine and rain can do to transform the scenery!

First formal break: shade from evergreens! Phew! Temperatures had quickly risen to 95 degrees - remember this is late April - and the deciduous trees provided no shade and no relief from the heat.

Sunshine and Midnight had the right idea, launching themselves into the reservoir every five minutes, then cooling us down as they shook off the excesss water.

Don't ever hike without water...

I noticed delicious flowers - sweet violets.

Miles and Emma decided early on that they would keep up with Midnight and Sunshine, two enthusiastic and youthful Labradoodles. Which meant that we were often far ahead of the group as you can see from the photo below...

These photos all come from that first part of the trail.

A note of caution: as you cross the large concrete dam where the pump house is located, stay away from the railings. We noticed wasps buzzing and probably nesting in the warm structures. Walk in the middle on the concrete path. [Note to self: bring stingkill for next hike.]

The trail on the other side of the dam, although uphill, was shadier. We also didn't have the benefit of the water-cooled breeze off the reservoir. We were all definitely drooping, given the heat, but made it.

At the highest point, the trail intersects a white trail which we intend to check out. We believe this is part of a Butler to Boonton trail that you can also access behind the Boonton Avenue soccer fields.

[This Pyramid Mountain and Butler Reservoir from Kakeout Road in Butler description follows portions on our walk.]

Next hike takes place May 17th as described in Save The Date: Sterling Forest Fire Tower Hike. See you then!

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