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Kinnelon's 2nd Annual Poetry Contest

Did your child take part in the Kinnelon Annual Poetry Contest? You do know about the program, right? It's sponsored by the Kinnelon Children's Library and the second annual contest just took place.

I consider it wonderful for two reasons. The kids get to try their hand at creating their very own poem. And, they also get to experiment with presenting a poem - either their own or another that they've memorized - in front of a crowd.

This was our daughter' s second year participating and I can't say enough about the experience: practicing presentation skills in front of a friendly audience, and having to conceive of and develop a poetry concept, building off of the skills acquired during the school year program. It's an unbelievable learning experience and we were so impressed with her new skills as well as those of the other children taking part.

This year's event started out on April 29th, with Galina Adair, who heads up the children's library, setting the stage. Now, I'm quite fortunate because Galina contributed to this post.

Here is what she shares.
[The poetry contest judges hard at work...]
This April the Kinnelon Children’s Library held its second annual Poetry Contest celebration of National Poetry Month.

The goal of the contest is to encourage young patrons in Kindergarten – 5th grade to explore writing and reciting poetry. The contest for written poetry was announced at the beginning of April and poets were encouraged to write poems relating to or inspired by the topic of books or reading.

Over 90 original poems were entered in the contest and the winners were notified on April 28. Each of the winners attended the recitation contest held in April 29th and read their winning entries.


There were three winners in the Written Poem Contest:

+ Kindergarten – 1st grade winner:
Emma Whittemore (1st grade) the title of her poem is “Oh, how I love spring!”.

+ 2nd – 3rd grade winner:
Rachel Giordano (3rd grade) the title of her poem is “Books”

+ 4th – 5th grade winner:
Julia Balick (4th grade) the title of her poem is “Hope”

[Rachel Giordano reads her poem "Books."]


There were three winners in the Poetry Recitation Contest:

+ Kindergarten – 1st grade winner: Emily Petruccelli

+ 2nd – 3rd grade winner: Concetta Vecchione

+ 4th-5th grade winner: Anna Tiajoloff

The Recitation Contest was held Wednesday, April 29th in the Children’s Library.

The standing room only crowd was treated to a lively recitation of celebrated American poet Nikki Giovanni’s poem “The Drum” by resident storyteller Eileen Gelenter.

After Eileen’s inspiring performance the recitation began, featuring 11 VERY talented participants from the 4th-5th graders, 12 VERY talented participants from the 2nd-3rd grades AND 10 VERY talented Kindergarten – 1st graders!

These are the poems that the Written Poem Winners wrote.
[Emma Whittemore reciting her poem.]
Oh, How I Love Spring! by Emma Whittemore

Oh, how I love spring when the robins sing,
When you know it's spring.

There you see a baby foal,
How cute its wobbly knees.

As my dad and I ride our bikes around the bend,
We see kids flying kites.

When we get home,
We see rain dripping down from the sky.

My mother just knows that flowers might bloom,
And she's right.

Oh, how I love spring when the robins sing!

BOOKS by Rachel Giordano

The pages rippling in the cool summer breeze
Gliding through the crisp air
Slamming on the glazed wood table
Sharing information with the wonderful world

HOPE by Julia Balick

Is tragic,
Is a blanket,
Is there,
Always there,
Is pushing,
Is pulling,
Is tugging,
always trying,
Is respect,
Is absent,
Is friend,
Is rival,
Is heart,
Is soul,
Is raining,
On me.

Thank you, Galina and all those who participated in the poetry contest, for making this such success. You made this experience truly memorable and help our children develop intellectually.

Congratulations, too, to the winners, and also to all those who participated. It's exciting to watch our children develop new skills before our very eyes!

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