Saturday, April 4, 2009

Kinnelon's First Local Business Fair

Kudos to Frank Davis and Finishing Touch Landscape Construction for sponsoring the first ever Kinnelon Business Fair/Open House on March 22, 2009. It took place at the Kinnelon NJ Library and twenty-three businesses participated in addition to Finishing Touch.

I first learned about the event when I spied a sign on the front desk of the new NYSC [in the former Butler Bowl]. I was intrigued. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was determined to go.

On Business Fair day, I arrived at about 12:30pm. First sign that something unusual was afoot: the parking lot. It was packed! And, not with your usual cars and vans. Oh, no. I saw serious business trucks and official vehicles emblazoned with signs and logos.

I reached upstairs and a buzz of conversation greeted me. The first person I met was Frank Davis, President of Finishing Touch Landscape Construction, whose idea it was to gather together the businesses of the community for a fair to interact with their Kinnelon customers. He and his office sent out letters inviting businesses to participate and then to Kinnelon residents inviting them to stop by.

Wow! What a really friendly and neighborly opportunity for interaction. Although I realize that Kinnelon is home to many businesses, given that we don't have a 'main street' I had never stopped to think of our local resources and my neighbors.

The benefit for the businesses participating was in showcasing to Kinnelon residents what they offered and also thank them for their loyalty and support. For residents, it represented an opportunity to meet our local business owners, learn about what they do, sample food and even receive coupons and discounts....
[Frank Davis to the left looking at the camera.]
The Business Fair took place in two rooms with one reserved for the 'Food Court' from which mouth-watering smells emanated. Participating with food samples were:
In the main space were also Joe LaFergola with Garden State Espresso LLC and Jeff from Ice Box.

Relating to home/construction/care were:

Relating to medical/dental/fitness:

Relating to animals:
And then, Route 23 Car Wash, The Music Den, PNC Bank, and The Promotional Zone.

According to Sheila at Finishing Touch, more than 200 Kinnelon families participated in the Business Fair [based on how many took part in the Samsung 50" Plasma Flat Screen TV raffle]. Not bad for a first time event, I'd say!

Did you go? As business participant or visiting resident? What did you think? Should there be a second Kinnelon Business Fair/Open House? Would you suggest any changes? Let me know.

My photos of the event appear under the title "Kinnelon Business Fair" in Flickr.

Here's an article on the event from the Daily Record, titled "Davis means business in Kinnelon. Merchants, residents mingle during borough's first-ever business fair /open house."

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