Sunday, March 29, 2009

Corrado's -- 3rd Visit Update: What a Great Place!

Today we returned to Corrado's in Wayne, NJ. We were particularly interested in fruits and veggies, such as hot peppers, onions, lettuce, green beans, broccoli, tomatoes, potatoes ... you get the idea.

We wanted to go because we had a number of items which we would normally get at BJ's (milk, coffee, and various staples), but BJ's Produce selections are limited, and we hoped to do this shopping in one fell swoop, since, by and large Corrado's prices are as good as BJ's.

Plus Corrado's is cool.

How did we do?

Very well; except for the coffee, of which there is a limited selection, and we saved money compared to what we would have spent at Pathmark or Stop&Shop, and didn't leave money on the table compared to BJ's (except for the milk -- $2.69 per gal. for Tuscan skimmed at Corrado's vs. $2.05 per gal for Land O'Lakes at BJ's last time).

So we'll have to buy our large containers of Colombian coffee at BJ's. Still we bought beautiful cherry and habanero peppers, Vidalia onions for $.49 per lb., huge bunches of parsley and cilantro, broccoli crowns, Yukon Gold potatoes, plum tomatoes, seedless red grapes, asparagus, peeled garlic, and so on at well below supermarket prices and from breadth and depth of stock that BJ's can't match.

I had a brief conversation with a woman over the cherry peppers after just loading 8 packages into my cart. She was looking at them doubtfully and I remarked that the fresher ones were in the back marked April 4, and that I had not liked the appearance of the ones marked with this day's date as much.

She then asked me what I did with them since she wasn't familiar with cherry peppers. I explained that I was making several gallons of fresh hot sauce, and that people often stuffed cherry peppers with mozzarella and prosciutto, and she noted that she liked coming to Corrado's and talking to other shoppers because it seemed that they all cooked.

I looked around and realized that it was by and large a pretty serious crowd.

I'm not a fan of a lot of Corrado's muffins; on 2 occasions now I've tried the blueberry muffins, and the corn muffins and they had an off (over vanilla-ish) flavor -- still, the cranberry muffins were just fine. They are not really a bargain but are at prices comparable to those at Pathmark or Stop&Shop.

Pass. They did have great cinnamon donuts, fresh and hot from the oven, though.

They had a lot of food samples to try, which is always fun -- it's a weekend thing.

The meat and fish were spectacular looking and cheap, and there was a lot to choose from.

My daughter was entertained and she ran into her school principal, whom she was delighted to see.

What's not to like?

Now we'd like to hear what you think (by comment or email), so do let us know what we've missed!

~ Ted

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