Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kakeout Reservoir Hike Next Sunday 4/26/09

The Kakeout Reservoir Hike is coming right up! Next Sunday 4/26/09 to be exact. Will you be there?

Here are the details as announced in Save The Date: Kakeout Reservoir Hike....

If you remember, in that post I mentioned that Lisa, Arnel and I - and the kids - took this hike in late November. It really is a magical hike with 4 distinct sections:

1. A hike along the banks of the Kakeout reservoir with wooden footbridges.

2. The reservoir.

3. Hiking through the woods and up the hill [where we encountered other trails]

4. The road back.

I've just uploaded the photos of this Kakeout hike to Flickr.

I'm very interested to observe how different things look in early Spring as opposed to during deep, cold, winter.

Will we see you then? I hope so!

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