Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dee's Thai Follow-Up Visit -- Good the 2nd Time Around

We have had high hopes that Dee's Thai Cuisine & Diner in Pompton Lakes, NJ would prove to have consistently good food from visit to visit, and that has been the case in our 2nd visit on this past Friday night.

The food was very good, and not too hot, nor were the flavors "watered down".

We had many of the same dishes, including the Papaya Salad, the Duck Salad, Pad Thai, Thai Spring Rolls, Satay, Shrimp Rolls, and Crab Cake. All were very good with the exception of the Crab Cake which wasn't actually bad, just ordinary.

None of the dishes were inherently hot so I can't comment about an excess of heat in them.

I do recommend the dishes we had.

Pay special attention to any of the curry with coconut milk dishes, as they are the ones likely to "get" you.

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~ Ted

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