Saturday, July 7, 2012

Support St. Hubert's Chapel in Smoke Rise!

St Huberts Chapel
There's lots afoot with St. Hubert's Chapel in Smoke Rise! Not only in preserving the Chapel, but also in  opportunities to support the Chapel restoration and preservation.

Sadly, I missed the Smoke Rise Days tour of the Chapel, but I'm told by a reputable source that regular scheduled tours may be in the works. That's a good thing because so much has been accomplished to bring St. Hubert's Chapel back to its former glory. I'll keep you posted as I learn more.

In the meantime, there's now a wonderful way to support the historic restoration and preservation of Kinnelon and Smoke Rise's beautiful landmark, St. Hubert's Chapel! Now available for sale are T-shirts, tote bags & maps of Kinnelon. 

More specifically (and shown in the photo below):
  • Shirts for $15.00, 
  • Tote Bags (zippered) for $20.00 
4-St Huberts_030
  • Maps for $20.00 (see slide show). 
As you can tell from the photo, the shirts are dark green with a beautiful white print of St. Hubert's Chapel.

The tote bags are all black with the same white print of St. Hubert's Chapel. 

Two maps are available for sale. One represents a map by William P.Child (a long time previous Smoke Rise resident, hiker and lover of the very bedrock and all natural formations and living creatures - flora and fauna included - that make up the foundation of why most want to call Smoke Rise, home) of the Kinnelon area. The other is the historic map of Smoke Rise in the time of Francis Kinney.

All items are great conversation pieces for your summer visitors and college bound kids. Each college dorm should have at least one map of Kinnelon on its walls!

Check out the slide show below, courtesy of Thomas Hannigan. [Note: you can also access the St. Hubert's Gift Items photo set by viewing it directly in Flickr.]

To order these items, please contact JoAnn Brett via phone: 973 838-8228 or email

Please share this message with others you know who might be interested in helping support St. Hubert's Chapel.

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