Sunday, May 27, 2012

June Kinnelon Flowers: Multiflora Rose

I wrote this article about June Kinnelon Flowers Multiflora Rose last summer. By the time I had it finished, summer was over. As I look out my office window, I spy the Multiflora Rose already blooming... which means that my timing is perfect!

I'm always amazed at the intensity of memories brought on by flower scents - particularly wild ones. Take honeysuckle or multiflora rose.

Per the Wisconsin department of natural resources, multiflora rose is considered a nuisance weed and can neither be sold or propagated.

The New York State Ski Blog: Wild Roses says "They have, IMHO, the most intoxicating, beguiling, and alluring aroma ever."

I agree. The smell reminds me intensely of summer. It's a spicy, peppery smell that I long for. In fact, it's a smell that I remember from childhood in McLean, Virginia, walking to the community pool. It's a smell that blends with the intoxicating Honeysuckle flowers and nectar that is now almost impossible to find given the carefully manicured landscapes.  My most trustworthy source of honeysuckle is by the movie theater, in a weedy section between the parking lot and Kakeout Road by the New York Sports Club [aka the Butler Bowl].

Getting back to Multiflora Rose. In early June, you'll notice vast expanses of these marvelous wildflowers. We have them across from us on Sleepy Hollow Road, bordering a wetlands area. These photos I took across from Our Lady of the Magnificat on Miller Road in Kinnelon.

Now that I've reminisced based on flowers and summer scents, I'd love to hear from you. Which are you favorite summer memories and what plants smells do you associate with them?

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

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