Saturday, November 19, 2011

Treehouse Thoughts - Inspired by OLM's 50th Anniversary Picnic

I took this photo of kids in trees on 9/11/11 when Our Lady of the Magnificat held its 50th Anniversary Mass and Parish Picnic. Sure enough, Emma made it up there to eat lunch and has since been fervently wishing for a treehouse or, at least, a climbable tree worthy of treehouse thoughts.

Sadly, we have none in our immediate vicinity. However, it did get us talking about tree houses - including real albeit extreme tree houses and ones from stories such as Swiss Family Robinson and Tarzan.

Did you climb trees as a kid?

Did you have a tree house? Did you build it yourself?

Which were your favorite stories with treehouses?

I'd love to hear...

Pictures are welcome, too! :-)

Getting back to OLM's 50th Anniversary Parish Picnic - given that Cornie Hubner mentioned magnificent copper beech trees in his Didja Know story about Our Lady of the Magnificat, I thought you might enjoy these photos of the grounds behind the Our Lady of the Magnificat Chapel.

Drive behind Chapel leading down toward parish buildings.

Picnic tables around the trees

Monsignor Carroll making preparations for Mass.

Warming up the choir. Emma is in the front row, in front
of Michael Pierce's keyboard

OLM Parish Picnic in Full Swing!

Another view of the trees and the Picnic

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