Friday, October 28, 2011

Smoke Rise Inn Transformation

Welcome to the Smoke Rise Inn
Welcome to the Smoke Rise Inn! If you haven't been to visit in a while, you are in for a treat since it has been transformed!

In honor of Bathroom Blogfest 2011, I want to share with you the Smoke Rise Inn transformed...

Starting with the Sitting Area in between the Main Entrance and the Restaurant, which is newly and attractively carpeted, painted, and decorated.

It is a brighter, friendlier and more welcoming space, and it makes a nice introduction to the Bar, Lounge, Gazebo and Ballroom dining areas.

Smoke Rise Inn Transformed
New Furniture, Carpet and Decor

Smoke Rise Inn Transformed - 2
Small Interloper on New Couch

Smoke Rise Inn Transformed - 3
More Furnishings

Smoke Rise Inn Transformed - 4
New Table and Chairs

Since I am partial to beautiful carpet, I do hope you will pay attention underfoot and admire the new carpet in the Lobby Sitting Area of the Inn.

Marvelous patterned carpet

More Carpet with draperies

Next, the bathrooms, and more importantly the ballroom bathrooms.
Smoke Rise Inn Transformed - 7
Carpet and Bathroom Entrance

Smoke Rise Inn Transformed - 8
Wainscotted Hallway to Bathroom

Smoke Rise Inn Transformed - 9

This is one of the front hall bathrooms.
Smoke Rise Inn Transformed - 10

I hope you'll go explore and admire how beautiful the Smoke Rise Inn looks and how comfortable it feels. Take a tour before sitting down to one of the dishes on Chef George's new menu. I think you'll be impressed!

Happy Bathroom Blogfest 2011!


Mary Beth said...

The transformation looks beautiful. Do they have 'before' picture posted inside the SR Inn or pictures from loooooong ago. That would be neat to see how it transformed over the years.

CB Whittemore said...

Mary Beth, there are some photos from very long ago that show rooms that might be these. Here is the link:

Lots of change over the years!

Thanks for your comment.


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