Monday, October 24, 2011

'Kick The Can' at Twain Recording, West Milford, NJ for Bathroom Blogfest 2011

In honor of Bathroom Blogfest 2011, I share with you the first of two stories. This first one takes place at Twain Recording in West Milford, NJ.

Back in May 2011, Emma participated in a program sponsored by the Kinnelon Children's Library titled Kick the Can With Jersey's Nanny Granny. Four of Kinnelon's kids - including Emma - got together at Twain Recording Studios in West Milford, NJ with Mary Jo - aka Nanny Granny - to discuss current events and matters of interest to kids.

More specifically, they explored tolerance and what it means to be different.  In the process, they covered territory ranging from outer space to Ladies Gaga and Godiva. This interview was recorded and will soon be available - I think - on the Kinnelon Library website.

The reason that I include this story for Bathroom Blogfest 2011 is that Twain Recording was filled with the most unbelievable musical memorabilia, featured a working - yes - rotary phone and the most perfect toilet seat ever! In anticipation of the upcoming Blogfest, I saved it for you until now!

By the way, Bob Both at Twain Recording is the most patient, encouraging and wonderful person ever to be part of a recording session. Thank you, Bob!

'Kick The Can' at Twain Recording, West Milford, NJ - 1
Yes, that is a working rotary phone!

'Kick The Can' at Twain Recording, West Milford, NJ - 2
Kinnelon's Kick the Can with Jersey's Nanny Granny participants

'Kick The Can' at Twain Recording, West Milford, NJ - 3
Bob Both adjusts Mary Jo's microphone

'Kick The Can' at Twain Recording, West Milford, NJ - 4
Is this musically perfect or not?

'Kick The Can' at Twain Recording, West Milford, NJ - 5
Another view of musical perfection
In terms of the Bathroom Blogfest theme of 'Climbing Out', this 'Kick the Can' session was all about climbing out of preconceived notions. Well done, Mary Jo! Thank you.

Bathroom Blogfest 2011 includes the following participants who celebrate this year's theme of 'Climbing Out'. If you'd like to participate and share stories, let me know!

Thanks for being part of this year's event!

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