Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Smoke Rise Trails Map Available!

2011 Smoke Rise Trails Map
Yes, the new, updated Smoke Rise Trails Map is now available. This is a project that Ken Bitz and the Smoke Rise Lake & Environmental Committee has been hard at work on since early Winter.

It's a two part document: a magnificent 11X17 document [see image on right] and a booklet guide with details on the trails based on my blog posts about our hikes around Smoke Rise.

You can download both parts of the Smoke Rise Trails brochure here:
According to Ken Bitz, the 11x17 version of the Trails map and the Guide booklet will be available from the Smoke Rise Office at a nominal cost of $1.00 for the map and $5.00 for the Guide.

The oversized version of the Trails map is visually dramatic and a great resource.

Let me know if you have any questions or feel free to contact Ken Bitz at

Happy Smoke Rise Trails!


Daniel said...

Isn't Smoke Rise a gated community? My NJ trail conference map of the area indicates hikers aren't permitted there.

CB Whittemore said...

leisuresuitlurie, you are correct about Smoke Rise.

However, you'll find many lovely trails all around that are available to hikers. In Silas Condict, you'll love the newly created Bear Mountain trail for example.

Thanks for visiting.


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