Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kinnelon Critter File: Foxes

New Jersey Red FoxSmoke Rise neighbor Chuck Mougalian shares these photos of Kinnelon foxes hanging out, appropriately enough, on Fox Ledge Road in Kinnelon for the Kinnelon Critter File.

According to Chuck, he has noticed this fox every day for the past week or so in the neighborhood.

From the pictures, the fox looks to be a red fox [vulpes vulpes], one of two New Jersey fox species.

Interestingly, foxes aren't the largest of critters. From Foxes in New Jersey - published by the New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife - they range from 8 to 15 pounds -- not too far from what my cats weigh on the low end.

They are crepuscular critters, active early or late in the day.

Now, I have declared war on groundhogs and am delighted to discover that foxes will consume groundhogs [or woodchucks] and might even take over their dens. Only seems fair. And they don't even eat your flowers.... unlike woodchucks.

Kinnelon Critter File: FoxesI'm curious. Have you encountered foxes? Emma and I once caught sight of one toward the extension of the Pyramid Mountain trail. That was a few years ago.

Have you seen any lately? What have you observed in terms of habits?

I'd love to hear your about what you've observed.

Thank you, Chuck, for sharing these photos.

Added 6/1/10: Here is a link to other entries in the Kinnelon Critter File. If you come across other critters, please don't hesitate to let me know!

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