Saturday, April 10, 2010

Didja Know? Smoke Rise Royalty

Didja Know?This story from Cornie Hubner's Didja Know??? Series is another of his very early ones.


published 9/1/85

Royalty resided in Smoke Rise when Pavel Rodzianko lived with his parents in an apartment over what is now the Smoke Rise Club Office. Paulo, who celebrated his 7th birthday with local kids, was fifth in line for the throne of Estonia.

His father was chief of protocol of U.N. and the nephew of two historically famous Russians. One Uncle was the commanding officer of the White Russian Army during the brief Kerensky regime. Another was the head of the Dumas (Russian Parliament) who obtained the signature of Czar Nicholas on the official abdication document on a train en route to Moscow.

His mother, Luba, received her law degree in Switzerland where she attended school with the future King of Siam [?]. She became an American citizen, sponsored by two club members, so she could "vote for Eisenhower."

The Rodziankos were guests of Mr. J. Alden Talbot for several years. He supplied flowers to decorate an original cataloged "Van Dyke" which the family had rescued when they fled their home.

Pavel, a Princeton graduate, is now a Geophysicist with worldwide connections.

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