Sunday, April 25, 2010

Didja Know? Links to Cornie Hubner's Series

Didja Know? The Master File
Consider this post a master reference document with links to Cornie Hubner's Didja Know? articles.

As I get back to exploring Smoke Rise Newsletter archives in the Smoke Rise library, I'll add the original publish dates. And, as I publish more of Cornie's stories, I'll add them here, too.

"Didja Know?" by Cornelius A. Hubner

Didja Know? The Smoke Rise Club - originally published 7/15/1985

Didja Know? 1947 Smoke Rise Home Prices

Didja Know? Smoke Rise Royalty - originally published 9/1/1985

The First Home in Smoke Rise: Didja Know? - originally published 9/15/85

Didja Know? Trails

Didja Know? Kinnelon History

The Francis S. Kinney History Series:

The Smoke Rise Riding Club - Didja Know?

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