Sunday, December 6, 2009

2009 Student Art Exhibit at Kinnelon Library

2009 Kinnelon Student Art Exhibit

Time To Be Artistically Inspired By Kinnelon Students

The 2009 Kinnelon Student Art Exhibit is taking place now at the Kinnelon Public Library.

These are the works of students from Sisco, Kiel and Stonybrook schools in Kinnelon, NJ. At Sisco and Kiel, they were inspired once again by Sona Santagato whom Emma and I visited with Friday evening at the opening reception.

What a treat! I urge you not to miss it!

Cats from 2009 Kinnelon Student Art ExhibitThese cats are great fun; they're made from cardboard, oil pastels and glitter. You'll find these on both floors, one set in the lobby display case, along with Day of the Dead figures made from plaster of Paris, paint and fabric, and the other upstairs.

These next two are Emma's [top Still Life]...

Emma's Asian Brush Painting

Still Life
My photos don't do justice to the wealth and breadth of interpretations.

Talk a walk - ideally several- through the Library during the month of December 2009. You'll be amazed. Our kids are talented and their works guaranteed to lift your spirits. They also inspire you to see with fresh eyes.

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John said...

Emma has created an extraordinarily haunting image with that top still life. Like Van Gogh's blackbirds in the cornfields. Fantastic! Sotheby's may have an interest, just a thought.

Ted Whittemore said...

Oh, yeah! And if Sotheby's isn't interested, clearly their loss.

John said...

I've got an idea. How about an auction? Put the work of art up for auction on this site and may the best art lover win! The proceeds can go towards the cost of web hosting the blog site, or the Emma Whittemore college fund....or a young Smoke Rise girls ice cream social, or?
My opening bid would be $50.
What about it?

Izzy Garland said...

I bid £75 (British Pounds) for Emma's picture. It's lovely.


John said...

There's no way the Brits are getting their hands on this classic American work. Bid $150

CB Whittemore said...

John, you've certainly started an interesting exchange.

Izzy, thank you for raising the bar and turning this into an international event.

One note of caution, we will need to get the artist involved. She may have other plans... However, if we do, I hope it doesn't go to her head.

Izzy Garland said...

I bid £100. That's....more than your $150, Blogger John! [We have currency converters over here so that's how I know! ;-)]

The artist is, of course, the one who must say how she feels about it all... but really, it's a lovely picture and amazingingly good for one so young. If nothing else, it should be framed and hung in a hallway with plenty of room for viewing. She's one to watch... Smoke Rise today, MOMA and the Tate tomorrow!

Well done!


John said...

Yes, it’s $162.77. You forget that you’re dealing with an international banker who amassed a small fortune in art. How you ask? I invested a large fortune and watched it collapse into a small fortune. But, no matter, I’m upping my bid to $175.00 for “November’s chill” by Emma Whittmore and recommend that this auction be taken to the front page of the blog to alert all potential bidders

John said...

An art critic has examimed the work “November’s chill” by Emma Whittmore and offers these comments: “This titanic work represents a true departure into a potentially new and exciting artistic direction: Emotive, minimalist cubism. Trees broken into 20 distinct panels of varying sizes leaning over conspicuously to one side, coupled with 11 staggered branches and two provocative winged images. The cubist expression of the nested bird, looking away from a distant flying friend, seems at once to capture the deeper truth that we are all at once connected and yet so alone. Brilliant in its deceptive simplicity and devoid of color, this work is a sheer celebration! Signed simply “E. W.” This work, like the artist, though small in size, overwhelms nonetheless. Bravo! The art world awaits to see if the artist will part with it.”

Izzy Garland said...

"You forget that you’re dealing with an international banker who amassed a small fortune in art"

Am I? Well, excellent! And you have very good taste too!

Though the British art world declares young Emma's picture to be of Japanese influence as it is clearly a cheerful little bird sitting in a nest of bamboo trees. She is obviously well travelled!

It belongs in the Tate Modern. :-D


(I hope the artist and her dear parents don't mind our lively discussion of this charming painting!)

CB Whittemore said...


You are truly marvelous! Not sure about the artist, but the parents haven't had this much fun in a while.

I am hoping that we might all find ourselves together in Smoke Rise one of these days to continue the fun in person. Meanwhile, I look forward to more virtual discussions.


Izzy Garland said...

This is what happens when a good little artist makes her debut! The International community takes notice!

John... I bid £125. Even if her parents wouldn't dream of parting with her first major piece, I will make this bid so the Tate Modern has *hope*! Ha! Take THAT Sirrah!

John said...

Izzy, your bid is losing it's luster with the strengthening dollar! Bid: $225
Tate schmate, this one's going into a private collection! I heard there's a news crew outside the artist's home awaiting news of her intentions.

John said...

Izzy, may I remind you that I'm the guy who paid $500 for a strawberry that was shaped like St. Anthony? You're out of your league, girl!

Izzy Garland said...

Blogger John... you silly sausage! (As we say here in England) I sent the news crew. That's the BBC, if you look closely at their suits, bowler hats and umbrellas. Get your eyes examined boy.

$500 for a strawberry??? And they say the English are mad... But, ehem. I believe the rumour has it that you spent £50 for a strawberry shaped like a baby on eBay... I think the money went to the Charity for Impoverished Gentlewomen and was touted by "The Lady" magazine as one of the greatest contributions to impoverished genteelism. But I could be wrong. So you are, in fact, a mad Irishman.

(Dearest Emma - please take no note of these International Rantings. The art world is generally known to be full of odd people.)

John said...


Bid $250

Izzy Garland said...

I bid $250 gladly! But I have to type "butock" to do so!!!! Shock horror!!!

Can't people spell?

John said...

Aye, Dios Mio!
I had bid $250!
Ok, raising bid for E.W.'s "November's Chill" to $295.
Away with you now!

Izzy Garland said...

Ah! Blogger John... I shake my head in sadness. You keep calling this painting "November's Chill", when it's quite obvious it is not a November painting. Where are the birds in November's chill? Why they're all flown away!

No no no no no... make that optemetric appointment ASAP. The Japanese Garden is inspired by Mattise. Matisse's Fauvist years were superseded by an experimental period, as he abandoned three-dimensional effects in favor of dramatically simplified areas of pure color, flat shape, and strong pattern.

Emma's work deserves to be in the Tate! And here's one way she can do it...

In fact, if this should work out then her other classmates might want to have a go at it as well.

And that, my friend, is priceless!

CB Whittemore said...

This spirited exchange has been priceless! Thank you, both.

John said...

Has the gavel fallen? Did I win? Will the young artist part with the jewel? Is the auction period over?
Filled with questions in California.

CB Whittemore said...

John, we're trying to arrange a press conference with the artist. She's being elusive as she carefully considers her decision. We hope to have an update soon. Best, CB

Izzy Garland said...

I know I can speak for Blogger John when I say it has been our pleasure to view and exchange ideas and bids over Miss Emma's painting!

The painting really is good. Her sense of proportion is excellent and there is the fun loving spirit about it that rests in the heart of a talented little girl.

Looking forward to her press conference and to future works... and that Tate Modern site!!

Give her a squadge from the British art world!

John said...

This just in:
In a development that has stunned the art world, 6 forged Emma Whittemores were discovered in an abandoned mini-storage unit in Lincoln Park, NJ. The fake art works were clearly the work of professional forgers, and may be connected with a highly organized and financed syndicate known as "Douvercourt", headquartered in Britain. Any information that can be provided by the public is encouraged at this time.
In the meantime, the art public is being warned to avoid dealing with the British in art transactions of any kind. Also, the only way to insure you are getting an original Emma Whittemore is to deal directly with the artist or her family.
She is expected to make a statement shortly.
In a prepared statement, Queen Elizabeth strongly condemned the perpetrators, urging quick action to apprehend all those involved.
She said, in part (To be read in a British accent, duh): We hereby denounce this deplorable act by desperate criminals intent on profiting at the expense of the unwary. My government will use all means possible to bring these cowards to justice. God save you all."
Fierce bidding has ensued on all orginals in the artists studio. It is thought that there may be as little as one or two pieces currently available.
Turning to sports.....

Izzy Garland said...

Thank you for that alert, Reporter John.

We in the Cinque Port of Brightlingsea side with the Queen on this issue and deplore all abandoned lock-up storage units in Lincoln Park. We shall demand that Lincoln Park be re-named Beavertown and a barrier shall be constructed along the old route 202 canal (at parts where it is not filled in) so that those entering Beavertown can be closely questioned and all automobiles inspected. Please see to it that the giant beaver in the later posting is sent to Beavertown as a fearsome deterrant to other would be criminals!

In the mean time I shall personally go to Dovercourt this evening and search for the gang of miscreants.

Let me assure the Whittmore family, and especially little Emma, that the people of Britain and even the good folk of Lincoln Park/Beavertown, will not stand by with hands hanging idle at their sides!

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