Sunday, February 1, 2009

Zeytinia -- NY Specialty Foods in NJ

Do you know about Zeytinia?

World Class local food shopping. A contradiction in terms for us in Kinnelon, right? Well, no, if you accept 6 miles up 287 in Oakland, NJ as local.

We have the standard supermarket shopping options in Kinnelon, NJ -- Pathmark, Stop and Shop, A&P down Route 23, and King's in Boonton, NJ which is very good for seafood and meat but very expensive.

If we want something more, it's a hike. Whole Foods is in Montclair, NJ. Fairly expensive and a good 35 minutes away. It's true that we have access to Trader Joe's in Wayne at the Preakness shopping center, but that has quite a limited range of product to offer.

We really don't have anything else... except -- Zeytinia in Oakland, less than 15 minutes by car from Smoke Rise. Zeytinia is quite a store, not perfect perhaps, but excellent nevertheless. And outstanding in many ways.

They are committed to low prices for high end food, both fresh and prepared, and they have an excellent selection of branded products at equally low prices.

I have shopped more than half a dozen times at Zeytinia since it opened last year, and I have been very happy to discover that for price and quality, no other local store comes close.

You don't go there for paper towels, but you do go there for produce, imported and high end cheeses, meats, seafood, prepared food, oils and vinegars, and imported canned and boxed goods for both availability and price. De Cecco Pasta made with bronze dies. Dry-aged prime beef at less than half the price you would pay at King's in Boonton. The best selection of salumi -- that's cold-cuts to you non-Italians -- at very low prices. 6 different types of smoked salmon. A huge selection of hot prepared food that drops in price 30% after 6 PM.

Boy, this article reads like an ad for the store. But there is no affiliation with Zeytinia, except that of a happy customer and a good place to shop.

As I mentioned, it takes me 15 minutes to get there if I go out the North Gate, which is about the same time it takes me to get to King's.

Now if I can only find some more good restaurants.

We're going to the Thai place in West Milford this month, and I'll post about it after we've been.

~ Ted

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