Saturday, February 21, 2009

Corrado's in Wayne, NJ -- Foodie Destination

So we went to Corrado's in Wayne this past Monday, President's Day. Wow!

We do not have anything like it near us.

It is a big store, especially by specialty food standards, and so has a breadth and depth of ethnic, unusual, gourmet, and "urban" foods you would be likely to find only in the city, and then, at a number of different places. 

The products are nicely displayed and lighted, and there is enough room in the store so you do not feel crowded.

And -- the prices! They are low. 

Top quality Reggiano Parmesan cheese at $12 per lb. ($22 per lb at Pathmark). Lemon sole at $7 per lb. Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil at $17 for a 3 liter container ($20 to $22 at BJ's for example)

You can buy dry-aged prime beef at $12 per lb if you take an un-cut, un-trimmed piece. You can buy fresh rabbit. You've been looking for rabbit, right?

Milk is $2.79 per gal. for Tuscan brand ($4.19 at Pathmark and Stop and Shop), the same price as BJ's for their house brand. Plum tomatoes are $.79 per lb. (anywhere from $1.49 to $2.59 at Pathmark recently).

They do have prepared foods which we did not try. They looked good.

Tonight, I'm going to deep-fry the lemon sole fillets we bought, in a rice flour tempura batter, and drizzle them with lemon, salt and pepper.  It'll take about 4 minutes per fillet.We'll have that with cauliflower beurre noisette, and basmati rice. Sorry, only enough for us!

Yes, it's not as convenient as Pathmark or Stop and Shop, but it's not that far, either.

The bottom line is that you can get better food, different food, and cheaper food here than you can at any other nearby store.

It's fairly entertaining for younger ones as well; our 7 year old, who does not appreciate grocery shopping, was interested in the foods she had not heretofore seen, and did not fidget.

If you are doing a good size shopping, for produce, meat, fish, or many staples, you can shop at Corrado's and save, per my ballpark estimate, around $50 on $140 purchase as we did, and get better food and have more fun, too.

Corrado's in Wayne -- you've gotta go.

And, if -- I mean "when" -- you do go, let us know what you think -- drop us an email or post a comment.

~ Ted

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