Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Must Read Book: The Age of Conversation 2

Cover art created by David Armano.
There's a  book I recommend you read.  It's titled "The Age of Conversation 2 - Why Don't They Get It?"  It's is available for purchase from

I acknowledge up front that this book is off topic to this blog.  It has no direct relationship to Kinnelon or Smoke Rise.  However, it's one you might appreciate if you regularly read blogs like the The Smoke Rise Blog as it has to do with the sort of conversations that take place through blogs and social media.

There is a local relationship, though, because two local bloggers - my friend Steve Woodruff in Boonton and myself - have contributed.

And, it's for a good cause.  Proceeds from the sale benefit Variety, the children's charity [our goal is to raise at least $15,000].

Let me put this amazing project into perspective.

This book results from an unique global collaboration involving 237 authors from 15 different countries, all shepherded by my friends Drew McLellan in the US and Gavin Heaton in Australia.  Each contributor wrote a one page chapter that falls into one of eight topics relevant to social media and how it is shaping society, marketing, politics and business.

+ Manifestos 

+ Keeping Secrets in the Age of Conversation 

+ Moving from Conversation to Action

+ The Accidental Marketer 

+ A New Brand of Creative

+ My Marketing Tragedy 

+ Business Model Evolution 

+ Life in the Conversation Lane -- Bringing it all back to the individual 

My chapter belongs in the Business Model Evolution section. It is titled "Don't Be Myopic About Social Media."   The Age of Conversation - Why Don't They Get It? offers more perspective on who and what inspired my chapter.

The book is available in 3 versions - hardback, paperback and e-book - and is guaranteed to provide perspective, and help you appreciate and challenge assumptions about this Age of Conversation.

BTW, the first Age of Conversation, involved 104 authors and generated $15,000 for Variety. Age of Conversation 2 is even better given so many talented contributors.

If you'd like to learn more about this book, read It's Here!!! Age of Conversation 2. Now Available...

Thank you.


Drew McLellan said...

Thanks so much for doing all you can to introduce readers to Age of Conversation 2.

The book is packed with new thinking, good questions and thought-provoking ideas. So, it's good for the brain. In addition -- all the proceeds, as you mentioned, go to the world's children, so it is also good for the heart.

Thanks again,


Gavin Heaton said...

One of the things that struck me about the book was the way it attempts to deal with the changing nature of how we communicate. Being online is just part of this ... with many chapters also looking at the changes we face at home, at work and in our family lives.

Really, it is a book that will be of interest to anyone fascinated by these fast changing times.

CB Whittemore said...

Drew, it's such an awesome undertaking that I can't imagine anyone not wanting to take part. Thanks for visiting!

CB Whittemore said...

Gavin, I agree completely! Thanks again to both of you for organizing us and promoting the project.

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