Sunday, October 26, 2008

Growlers - Must Haves From Butler's High Point Brewery

This is a growler. It's a must have for which you need go no further than down Kiel Avenue into Butler, NJ to the High Point Brewery.

Growlers are 2-liter traditional German glass beer jugs, with a well-balanced pewter handle and -very important- rubber-gasketed ceramic stopper with wire clasp. They hold draft beer for up to a week+. They also generate amazing conversation...

About what the vessel is - isn't it striking visually?

About where you got it and what's inside.

What's inside, when you fill it with beer from the High Point Brewery, is some of the best German style wheat beer that we've come across in the U.S.. What's inside is also beer that's only available on draft [or, if it's available in bottle, better tasting in our opinion].

These are some of the draft beers you might experience... the Ramstein double Platinum Blonde, the Ice Bock, Oktoberfest, the Blonde, Classic Wheat, Amber, Winter Wheat and others. The choices vary with the seasons and with production schedules.

The High Point Brewery, makers of Ramstein beer, represents - in our mind - a vital local resource. If you haven't yet been, consider attending one of the monthly open houses and tours on the 2nd Saturday of each month from 2pm to 4pm. You'll learn about the wheat beer making process, and discover a simple but charming tap room with a small bar and as many as 4 beers to sample on tap. For a detailed description of the experience, read my post at Flooring The Consumer titled What's In Your Neighborhood? The High Point Brewery.

Another consideration in favor of growlers: they are environmentally responsible. Making them that much more of a Must Have.

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