Sunday, November 4, 2012

Surviving Sandy in Kinnelon

What a week it has been since Sandy made landfall in New Jersey!  I hope everyone in Kinnelon has made it through and is back on the power grid.

Hats off to the Kinnelon Office of Emergency Management which has maintained a flow of information via Facebook.

Hats off, too, to the Kinnelon Nixle system for getting information out via text and email.

I'm really grateful to the New York Sports Club in Butler for a marvelous shower on Thursday evening.

I'm incredibly appreciative for the warmth and community that the Kinnelon Library offered on Friday and Saturday - not to mention free WiFi, power and running water. published photos of the devastation in West Milford. Zillions of trees and power lines down.

[I shared some of my digital survival tips in another blog article titled 10 Digital Marketing 'Still Climbing Out' Tips: Bathroom Blogfest 2012.]

Have a great Sunday. Stay warm and safe.



P.S.: To put Sandy into perspective, SlideShare has published the following  Crowdsourcing and curation by SlideShare community helps distribute news and photos of superstorm Sandy.


Mary Beth said...


I hope you, Ted and Emma are now warm and comfortable at home. Thank you for this piece and your recommendations. I think we all learned a few things with this storm and survival. I've made mental notes of what to do if there's a 'next time'. For example, making sure we always D and 9 volt batteries always on hand as well as boxed (non-refrigerated milk). I think Stephanie already plans to go onto LL Bean's website and order a battery powered light and crank radio.

We were in Target in Riverdale yesterday and many of the associates who work there live in West Milford. I was listening to their conversations. I kept hearing one associate after another asking, "Hey, do you have power yet?"

The hardest things for us was being cut off from information and the lack of heat. It made me think of the pilgrims first 5 weeks in Provincetown, before they decided to move on to Plymouth. Many of the adults perished in those first 12 months of 1620-1621, after landing in the New World.

I think now that we are all getting power back, we are 'trying' to refuel (impossible). But we are also wondering what we can do (in addition to the Red Cross) for those in along the shore, in Queens and in Staten Island whose losses are devastating. I suppose word will go soon.

Take care,
Mary Beth

CB Whittemore said...

Mary Beth,

Thanks for your comment! What an experience - and I'm glad it's getting farther behind us so normalcy can return.

You've probably seen that the Kiel Avenue Firehouse is gathering supplies. Friends in NYC are taking part in all kinds of programs to help those whose lives were completely turned upside down.

We have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

I hope you and Stephanie enjoy the holiday.


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