Saturday, March 31, 2012

Anthony Franco's -- Good Pizza and Good Food -- My New Fave for Local Italian with Delivery in Kinnelon

OK. This is the place. I've seen better photos, but ... hey .. it's the food that  counts!

I don't normally care enough about the local Pizza and Italian places to write a review of one of them or to give one a plug, but I am making an exception in the case of Anthony Franco's, on the corner of Rt 23 and Kinnelon Rd, simply because it is so good, and not just for Pizza. We've tried a lot of the local places and many of them make a good pizza and decent Italian dinner food, nor do I have anything bad to say about them. Anthony Franco's is different, and several steps above most of the competition.

All of the Pizzas we've tried have been REALLY good, not only with great tasting toppings, such as great cheese, and broccoli rabe and sausage, cooked just right, but the crust is great with great yeasty flavor. No cardboard here. Beyond that, we've tried the Chicken Parmigiana, Calamari, Salads, and more. All have been really good to great with generous portions.

For what you get the prices are conmpetive. On paper, or on the menu, some of the prices are a little higher than the local competition's, but after the first bite, there isn't much -- competition, that is.

Since they are quite close, deliveries come fairly quickly as well. Call 'em  up!  973 492-1700.

Support your local Pizza Man!


Photo Credits: Top Shot of the AF restaurant lifted from the AF website, Bottom is a Screen Shot of the website landing page.


Anonymous said...

Back way when, that building was a McCalls market/grocery store. Emily bought all our provisions there. Originally, McCalls was next to the old post office in Butler...she shopped there before the move.

CB Whittemore said...

HOF, great details! Thanks once again for sharing. We've been wondering about the early grocery scene.


Steve said...

We're giving them a try tonight, based on your recommendation, but I have to put in plug for John and Mama Giovanni, next to the Polish deli on Boonton Ave. and 23. Very good pizza.

Steve & Ginger

CB Whittemore said...

Steve and Ginger,

What did you think? What did you order? We'd love to hear your reactions.

We'd also love to hear more about John and Mama Giovanni. Forward us your comments via email cbwhittemore at gmail dot com and we will publish your review.

Thanks for your comment!



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