Saturday, April 9, 2011

Whitey Ford, Kinnelon's Albino Deer

Whitey Ford, Kinnelon's Albino Deer
Thank you for your comments on Emma's recent addition to the Kinnelon Critter File with her story about the Albino Deer. [We're a bit behind responding to them and appreciate your patience...]

The most exciting comment came from former Smoke Rise resident, Estelle Anderson [see New Pyramid Mountain Park Trail! and Needed: Split Rock Trail Maintainers For East Side].

Estelle shared with me the photo above of "Whitey Ford" and the following message:

Hi Christine, 

"Whitey Ford" as I used to call him, was there in Smoke Rise when I lived on Long Meadow Rd. Saw him around our property quite a bit with the rest of the herd. Here's my photo of him from 2004. I'm happy he's alive & well.

Here in West Milford, we had an albino fawn this past spring; saw it along with its sibling in proper deer tan and their mother.

Please do go ahead and share. It's really neat this guy survives!

See you on a trail someday!

Estelle Anderson

I already know that Chuck Mougalian will enjoy this story [I gave him a preview at the bus stop last Tuesday].  I expect that many of you will, too.

What are some of the 'Whitey Fords' you've come across recently? Leave me a comment or send me an email and I'll share it on the Smoke Rise & Kinnelon Blog!

Thank you, Estelle!

Added 4/10/11: I meant to include a link to this post titled Did You Hear About the White-Tail Deer? which includes frequently asked questions [e.g., how long do deer usually live? up to 10 years in the wild...]

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