Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Classified Ads -- New for the Smoke Rise and Kinnelon Blog!

Check out the new tab right under the green "Smoke Rise and Kinnelon Blog" header, the one that says "Kinnelon Classifed Ads", right next to the "Home" tab.

Clicking on that tab will take you to the Classifed Ads page where you can list local goods and services at no charge.

So if you've got some stuff you no longer need and would like to unload, feel free to list it here. Those size 3 kid's ice skates that don't fit your size 9 kid's feet? The brand new set of pots and pans you got as a gift and don't want or need? Or even a car -- send us an ad formatted like the ones on the page, 4 lines max, and we will run it for 2 months, or until you ask us to remove it, whichever comes sooner.

The same goes for services. If you want to advertise CPA services, furniture repair, pet care, or whatever, email us an ad to the address listed at the top of the Kinnelon Classified Ads page.

Costs nothing, so there is no downside, only upside!

~Ted and Christine

PS Depending on how much work this becomes we may at some point charge a nominal fee, but until then, all items will be listed at no charge.

PPS And we don't know how much interest there will be in this program -- if there is lot, we may have to change the listing rules, especially for services, which are inherently open-ended -- but we will cross those bridges if and when we have to.


John said...

You are most certainly a perpetual motion machine girl! Like my grandmother would have said 'You're certain to be in heaven a half hour before the devil knows you're dead!? I don't know how you do it! Maybe there really IS something to your "Chief Simplifier" title.
Well done!

Ted Whittemore said...

Who are you calling a girl! You gotta be sensitive to the writing style, my man. Sure and I'll be in heaven before the divil knows I'm dead, but when I get there, I will be male. I will take the credit, though. Thanks!

John said...

Well, whaddayaknow! You're right Ted! I guess it's true what they say, "The Irish ignore anything they can't drink or punch." Sorry I missed your handiwork. Great idea, buddy!

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