Friday, July 23, 2010

33rd Annual Kinnelon Book Sale Coming Up!

Friends of the Kinnelon Library
What I consider to be THE Kinnelon event of the summer season is coming right up!  I'm talking the 33rd Annual Kinnelon Book Sale sponsored by the Friends of the Kinnelon Library. I consider it a goldmine!

Here, then, are details on how you can be part of this year's Annual Kinnelon Book Sale.

Do you have books to donate to the Annual Kinnelon Book Sale?

Kinnelon's Firemen's HallIf yes, bring your books to the Kiel Avenue Fireman's Hall located at 103 Kiel Avenue in Kinnelon, NJ, from Friday, July 23 to Sunday, August 22 starting at 9am when Book Sale Volunteers will be available each day to assist.

You can start dropping off books today. [Yikes, we need to get those unpacked book boxes out from the crawl space pronto.]

You'll notice a book bin on the side of the building where you can leave book donations, too. 

Don't dare drop them off anywhere else but at the Kinnelon Firemen's Hall! 

In terms of what not to bother with donating, here are some guidelines:

No records,  magazines, text books, encyclopedias or Readers Digest Condensed books.

Books need to be in good shape.
Please, no mildewed, torn, or coverless books.

Annual Kinnelon Book SaleSave the date of the Annual Kinnelon Book Sale in you Calendar!

The Annual Kinnelon Book Sales takes place at the Kinnelon Firemen's Hall at 130 Kiel Avenue in Kinnelon.  These are the dates and times:

Friday, August 27:  9 AM – 6 PM
Saturday, August 28:   9AM – 4 PM
Sunday, August 29:   11 AM to 3 PM
Monday, August 30:   9 AM to 4PM

    Care to Volunteer for the Annual Kinnelon Book Sale?

    You would be most welcome say the Friends of the Kinnelon Library. In fact, a Volunteers' General Meeting is taking place this very Tuesday, July 27th from 10 AM to 12 noon at the Kinnelon Library. Do go!

    For more information, call 973-838-1321 or visit

    See you at the Annual Kinnelon Book Sale!

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