Saturday, September 26, 2009

Why I Love Kinnelon - Tai Chi Anyone?

Tai Chi in Bryant ParkI love that Kinnelon has such easy access to New York City. My favorite route in is via Route 23 to the new NJ Transit Center where I catch a direct bus into Port Authority on 42nd street in Manhattan. That's assuming I reach the Transit Center early enough to get a parking space; next option is to park at Willowbrook Mall. Regardless, the trip into Manhattan takes 3o minutes and, from there, marvelous adventures are guaranteed! For example Tai Chi in Bryant Park this past Thursday morning.

I love cutting through Bryant Park to get places.

Bryant Park reminds me of the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris: small green tables and chairs along pebbled walkways around the grassy green; wonderful people watching and always unexpected activities. An oasis of calm surrounded by tall buildings and intense city.

From 1985 to 1988 or 89 I worked at 11 West 42nd on the 3rd floor. From my window I could see Bryant Park. In those days, it wasn't a place worth hanging out in - at least if you were sweet, young and not looking for illegal substances. I remember it being boarded up for a long time, too. However, from my window, I also remember admiring the antics of Rubberband man, the contortionist. Do you remember seeing him?

I was delighted when Bryant Park was redeveloped and spent many an idyllic lunch time there when I worked at 1460 Broadway at the corner of 41st street. That from 1993 to 1999 or so....

Now, I like stopping in Bryant Park to catch my breath and check my email or to meetup with friends for an intense chat.

What was most wonderful on my most recent trip into NYC this week was coming across this group of Tai Chi enthusiasts in intense action. It made me wish I could simply step in and take part.

I've admired similar groups taking part in Tai Chi in Beijing [not always with swords], in Toronto, but never in midtown Manhattan. I tried Tai Chi briefly at the Palisadium in Cliffside Park a long time ago. I'd like to become more adept.

In fact, seeing this motley group in Bryant Park made me wonder what if we could do the same here in Kinnelon...

Tai Chi anyone?

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