Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hike To Durham Pond From Smoke Rise, NJ

Sunday trip at EveryTrail

Map created by EveryTrail: Share GPS Tracks

Many thanks to Bjorn Walberg for sharing not only details on what looks to be an excellent Kinnelon hike to Durham Pond and back, but also feedback on an iPhone application that I intend to purchase.

First the trail.

The trail from Bjorn's departure point in Smoke Rise to Durham Pond and back measures 4.3 miles total [no approximate distance, thanks to technology!] and took 1.5 hours. Yes, Bjorn and his family walk fast.

Durham Pond is, from what I can read, a reservoir with a dam, possibly part of the Split Rock Reservoir system. I found mention of it in the History of Winnebago Scout Reservation and also in this pdf of The History of Camp Winnebago.

Durham Pond Historic Trail MapDurham Pond lies at the heart of the Camp Winnebago Boys Scout Camp [here is a link to the Cub Scout Historic Trail document around the Pond; the document is filled with fun details]. It is worthwhile to remember that Durham Pond and the surrounding land as a part of the Scout Reservation is private property and to plan accordingly.

What I like about this trail to Durham Pond and back is that it takes you by marvelous vantage points such as Indian Cliffs, Split Rock Reservoir and the Beaver Pond, yet is goes farther. Now, I haven't yet taken it, but thanks to the map pictured above I have a good feel for how wonderful this trail is. [Click, too, on this more detailed trail link.] Perhaps we should make this the next outing?

Now for the fun technology details.

Bjorn uploaded to his iPhone an application called Trails. The application creates files which can be opened with Google Earth as well as uploaded to sites like Everytrail, Wikiloc or Gpxchange. Cool, don't you think?

Thank you, Bjorn!

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