Sunday, July 19, 2009

Campout at the Smoke Rise Beach 2009

The girls and their tentOnce again, pure adventure and magic! We're just back from a Girls Night Out at the Smoke Rise Beach 2009 Family Campout and had a blast. [Here is a link to my writeup from last year's event.]

Perfect weather, clear skies, 55 degrees sleeping temperature [possibly less at times given the breeze and proximity to the water] and plenty of activity for the kids, including movie and ghost story that eerily came to life.

It has something to do with it being the third Saturday in July. That's what seems to bring the Purple Bishop out. We heard screams on the water, saw a purple cloaked head in the Guard House, and temporarily lost sight of a lifeguard or two. Luckily, they returned...

Here are some views of the campsite to share with you.

The excitement ended last night at about midnight. But, by 5:45am my daughter and her friend were up. They decided to check out what was left of the bonfire and hung out with the five lifeguards there.

After a munchkin or two and some cold pizza leftover from the previous night's dinner, they were off to the playground. We all cleared the beach by 7am or so.

I include a few photos of the campsite. And, given that I've finally gotten TwitPic working on miPhone, here are two I uploaded to Twitter: the beach pre-campsite and Lisa & Arnel Contreras by their tent.

Smoke Rise Beach campout 1

Smoke Rise Beach campout 2
Smoke Rise Beach campout 3

Yes, it was a busy night. I found the night sounds fascinating and the sky, absolutely riddled with stars. It made me wish I knew my constellations better. No swans.

Reminder for next time: find something soft to sleep on. Sand is hard and the sleeping bag not soft enough!

And, any suggestions on how to keep ravens quiet? They sure know how to make a racket very early in the morning...

Once again, thank you to the Smoke Rise Beach lifeguards for another memorable evening.

I'm off to bed. VERY tired after my adventures!

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Mary Beth said...

I just saw this one today (2 years later). They do something similar in Stonybrook Highlands near the pool. I always pictured them sleeping on concrete over here. I hope that's not the case, or the adults would end up crippled or in extreme pain. Looks like fun. Reminds me of sleeping by the water one evening at Girl Scout Camp.

CB Whittemore said...

Mary Beth, I love hearing about Stonybrook Highlands' summer traditions. Those are some stories that need telling.

Did you get into trouble that time at Girl Scout Camp?

Thanks for adding to this story.


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