Saturday, December 13, 2008

Kinnelon Student Art Exhibit - December 2008

Have you gone to admire the amazing creativity of our children at the Kinnelon Library?  You have the opportunity to do so this month. During the entire month of December, 2008, the students from Sisco, Kiel and Stonybrook schools in Kinnelon, NJ have artwork on display for all to admire.  And, believe me, there is plenty to admire.

Art Teachers Charlene Scully from the Stonybrook school and Sona Santagato from the Sisco and Kiel schools truly inspire their students.  The range of expression that our children demonstrate is remarkable!

Monet's waterlillies came to mind when I saw the junior k and kindergartners from the Sisco school.   The first graders alternated between Van Gogh's Starry Night and a forest scene.  The second graders did self-portraits or Matisse inspired still lifes.

The third, fourth and fifth graders showcased sculptures, prints of portraits carved in foam core board, Mondrian inspired compositions, woven constructions and watercolor backpacks.  I'm only skimming the surface which means you must go see for yourself.  All 500+ works are on display along the hallways of the second floor, throughout the Children's Library and in the first floor lobby of the Kinnelon Library.

Although the works have been hanging since the beginning of December, an artist's reception took place Friday December 12th and Saturday December 13th evenings.
[Emma with Mrs. Santagato.]
Emma and I attended Friday night's festivities while Kinnelon High School TV reporters came to film the event and interview the artists.  I understand that it will be broadcast on Channel 77 - although I'm not sure when.

According to the art teachers, the last Sisco, Kiel and Stonybrook schools art exhibit took place at the end of the school year in the Kiel Cafetorium, but only for one day given how heavily used that space is.

Understandable, although what a shame not to have more time to enjoy and appreciate so much talent! Imagine,then, having this year's exhibit last the full month -- and in the Library which is so welcoming! 

Please do go.  Get the word out to other parents.  And, admire.  Admire the creativity, the boldness of expression, the shear joy that these works of art exude.  These are the visions of our children and they offer us a fresh view on the world.

What a gift for the Holidays! 

PS:  I have posted photos of the Kinnelon Student Art Exhibit - December 2008 on Flickr in my Smoke Rise Photo Set.

PPS: Don't forget to sign the guest books. Note that there are 2: one for Stonybrook, and one for Sisco & Kiel.

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