Monday, August 11, 2008

Meet C.B. Whittemore

We moved to Smoke Rise in June of 2004 from Bergen, County New Jersey.

As have many of the people we've met here, we moved to escape density and congestion and find a more family-friendly place to bring up our daughter. Although it's been everything we expected, it has been even more that we ever thought possible.

Much of that has to do with belonging to a lake community - something I had never experienced before - combined with inherent contrasts: proximity to New York City's concrete jungle vs. bears, lakes and preserved farmland; being on the edge of modern suburbia yet being surrounded by vestiges of an industrial and historic hotbed.

Although I moved around quite a bit growing up, some of my favorite memories had to do with magical beaches and outdoor places where, as a kid, I could spend hours watching, catching small fish, building underwater sea castles, drying seaweed, collecting rocks, watching the ebb and flow of the tide, or just curling up with a book. I sense that magic around Lake Kinnelon, Smoke Rise, Kinnelon and the other towns in this part of Northern New Jersey. It's a place where imagination can run wild.

I'd like to capture all of that, and share it as I've learned to do blogging at Flooring The Consumer and The Carpetology Blog, and also via photos on Flickr.

I intend to describe marvelous local finds, like What's In Your Neighborhood? The High Point Brewery in Butler, NJ, and learn more about Boonton, Skylands, Silas Condict, Pyramid Park and the Morris Canal.

I hope others living in or around Smoke Rise and Kinnelon will contribute here, and - in the not too distant future - that my daughter will be sufficiently in awe of snapping turtles and black bears to document here what she learns.

I invite you to take part in this adventure.

P.S.: My daughter learned how to ride her bike today!

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