Monday, June 20, 2011

Sign Up For the Smoke Rise Inn eNewsletter

Sign Up For the Smoke Rise Inn eNewsletter
Were you aware that the Smoke Rise Inn  publishes an eNewsletter that you can subscribe to?

It comes out weekly and highlights the latest happenings at Kinnelon's Smoke Rise Village Inn.

For example, the Smoke Rise Inn is conducting the first annual Facebook / Village Inn Lunch Special Contest... Here's an excerpt from the eNewsletter:

"Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk into a restaurant and see a dish that you created on the menu for all to enjoy? Well, the Inn is looking to its loyal Facebook friends to contribute what they feel are their most creative and delicious sandwich, pizza or grilled cheese recipes so we can do just that.

...Continuing throughout the summer, the Inn will select one entry per week to be featured as a special at lunch. Each week’s entry will be judged based on creativity, originality and units sold. The overall winner will receive a $50 gift certificate in addition to having their item added as a permanent fixture on our Fall Lunch menu.

To be eligible to enter you must be a fan of the Smoke Rise Village Inn Facebook page. Please email your recipe to the Inn’s General Manager at to be considered. Our panel of judges will make one selection per week with our first week’s entry being featured on June 7th."


The eNewsletter also mentions something I've been dying to do... Alfresco Dining in that magical patio space off of the Smoke Rise Inn ballroom. You can have lunch or dinner, or simply enjoy a cocktail [and your new-found menu fame!].

If you'd like to receive the eNewsletter, look for the sign up form when you next go to the Smoke Rise Inn or simply email Randy Polo and let him know you'd like to receive it.


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