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Kinnelon's Steven Savvides and Cabaret, Smiling Rhino Theatre

Steven Savvides
Did you see the announcement about Cabaret taking place March 18 - April 9, 2011 at The Smiling Rhino Theatre in Pompton Lakes, NJ? Kinnelon resident, Steven Savvides, performs in the show and shares perspective and photos taken at last night's dress rehearsal of Cabaret which opens tonight, March 18th! Have you purchased your tickets?

If you haven't, I've included links for purchasing ticketsshow times, and directions to the Smiling Rhino Theatre. Or, simply call 973-248-9491.

C.B.: Steve, tell me about yourself. How long have you lived in Kinnelon?

SS: I moved to Kinnelon and Smoke Rise in 1996 with my wife and 2 daughters from Smithtown, Long Island. I am originally from Queens but went to H.S. and College (NYU) in NYC.

C.B.: What do you like most about Smoke Rise and Kinnelon?

SS: The beautiful natural surroundings and privacy make Kinnelon and Smoke Rise a very unique place. Coupled with the close proximity to all NYC has to offer, plus the Meadowlands, NJPAC etc…

C.B.: You’re involved in a performance of Cabaret. What is your role? 

SS: I play the role of the EMCEE. He is basically the Master of Ceremonies who keeps things moving at the Kit Kat Klub in 1930s Berlin.

Cabaret, Smiling Rhino Theatre, 2011

C.B.: Is anyone else from Kinnelon involved?

SS: Yes! Small world… Kim Urba plays Sally Bowles the British singer at the Kit Kat Club, Liz Merritt is in the ensemble and dances with me as the Gorilla, and Lori & Krista Gabriele (mother/daughter) are in the ensemble.

Cabaret, Smiling Rhino Theatre - Ensemble

C.B.: How did you get involved in Cabaret?

SS: This is my 11th show at the Smiling Rhino over the last 6 years and I love performing there. When they announced the auditions for Cabaret, I went through the audition process and was fortunate enough to get the role.

Performance Cabaret, Smiling Rhino Theatre

C.B.: What makes this performance of Cabaret special?

SS: The set of Cabaret takes place within a 1930s Berlin nightclub and also inside a small boarding house. It is a very intimate setting and the audience needs to be close to the action to “feel” the energy and emotion of the production.

The Smiling Rhino Theatre provides that setting because it seats about 200 people; however, they are very close to the stage and will feel as if they are inside the nightclub. I believe this intimacy and also the talent pool of actors involved will make each of the performances very special.

Cabaret, Smiling Rhino Theatre, Pompton Lakes, NJ

C.B.: What about the director?

SS: Our Director, Joe Elefante, comes with very high credentials in that he was in the USA touring production of Cabaret for several years and played many of the roles himself. He brings a high level of artistic and practical knowledge to this production, and his level of attention to detail and professionalism has impressed me at every rehearsal.

C.B.: Anything else you’d like to mention or highlight?

SS: Simply that the track record of productions staged at the Smiling Rhino have been stellar with regard to quality and audience satisfaction. The production team that works on these shows pours a lot of heart and soul into everything they do whether it is costumes, stage design, lighting, music etc.

Keep in mind that the plot of Cabaret is quite serious with regard to the story of the rise of Nazi Germany and the way ordinary German citizens were swept away by politics. Although there are wonderful, lighthearted song and dance numbers, there is also a strong, poignant, underlying dramatic message. This would be appropriate for teens and older.

I know that folks who come to see this show will enjoy it very much. It’s the kind of show that will not only entertain but will also stir some type of opinion or emotion within them.

I hope to see many of our friends and neighbors there!

C.B.: Thank you, Steve!  I wish you and the entire cast of Cabaret a fantastic performance!

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