Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pilates, Spanish, Interior Design: Kinnelon Library Programs

Where you aware that the Kinnelon Public Library has new programs in store for you? These are programs made possible through the generosity of the Center for Lifelong Learning (CLL).

More specifically:
  • Pilates -already happening
  • Spanish
  • Interior Design
What's particularly exciting about these programs is that they came out of suggestions that Kinnelon residents made to Barbara Owens, Kinnelon Library Director, last summer during several focus group discussions about the role the library plays in the Kinnelon community and how to attract new audiences from Kinnelon.

I asked Barbara to share more details.

Pilates at the Kinnelon Library

The Pilates program on Tuesday mornings is our first "new" program.  A local patron, Dee Schneider, runs it for us.  It has been extended for a second six weeks through March 27 on Tuesdays.  The attendance is slowly building up based on word-of-mouth. These sessions take place during school hours at 9:30am and, so far, appeal to a core group of mothers.

If you are interested in attending, call the Library at 973-838-1321. You will need a mat for the class.

The Pilates program has been promoted through all of the public school lists.  The school district has been most helpful in posting library events.  In addition, there are flyers in the library and on the doors.

Spanish at the Kinnelon Library

Just last week Judy Vioreanu from the Kinnelon Library met with Katie McMillan, another patron, who is a Spanish teacher.  Katie is putting together a Spanish program for us.  This will start sometime in late April and run for six weeks in the evening.

Interior Design at the Kinnelon Library

An interior design program has been scheduled for April 17.  The designer's site is:

Pretty exciting, don't you think?

For the short term, go ahead and reserve your spot for the Pilates session. Mark your calendars for the Interior Design session and be ready to attend the Spanish sessions.... Be sure to watch the Kinnelon Library adults section of the website, too,  for details and breaking news.

Thank you, Barbara, for the update!

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