Saturday, February 11, 2012

Kinnelon, Smoke Rise Photos From 1954

Welcome to Kinnelon Borough
Have you wondered what Smoke Rise looked like in 1954? Thanks to Herb Fisher Jr., you are in for a major treat with this blog article which includes photos from when his family moved to Kinnelon!

Welcome to Kinnelon Borough!
Smoke Rise Billboard, 1954, Route 23
This sign must have been on Route 23 North. It reads:

Entrance 2.3mi. Turn Left. Smoke Rise. "For ideal country living". 5030 acres, acreage plots, club plan

Smoke Rise North Gate, 1954
For those of you wondering about the existence of the Smoke Rise North Gate, here 'tis, looking very similar to today's perspective.

Clearing the land in preparation for developing the area around the Tower.

Notice the view of Lake Kinnelon in the distance.

Herb explains that this photo was taken from the Port Authority helicopter that his Dad flew over the site of their house at 628 Mountain Road. Look closely and you'll notice a rectangular clearing below. That's the site of their lot.

[Check out Herb's previous articles and photos: The Early Days of Smoke Rise, Blasting in Early Smoke Rise, and Smoke Rise Houses: 628 Mountain Road Then and Now.]

Taking a break...

Herb's Mom. Notice Lake Kinnelon in the distance.

A perfect summer afternoon in Smoke Rise!

Love seeing the Tower in the background.

Notice that the roads are unpaved.

The foundation of 628 Mountain Road.

Herb says he regularly got to ride up and down Mountain Road on this piece of machinery. Cool!

Figuring out the dimensions of the house.

Yes, the permit says it's all official and okay to build!

Breaking ground at 628 Mountain Road in Smoke Rise! Congratulations!

Simply amazing!

Before we moved to Kinnelon, we spent a good bit of time exploring the Centex project off of South Glen Road. The roads were still being created, very few houses had been built and we were able to appreciate the vistas and scenery pre-development. That's what these photos remind me of. 

Herb, thanks very much for sharing these.

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