Saturday, February 4, 2012

CLL Art Exhibit 2012 at Kinnelon Library in February

Don't miss it!  The Kinnelon Center for Lifelong Learning [CLL] annual art exhibit is on display at the Kinnelon Library and available for all to enjoy during the entire month of February! Mark your calendars for the CLL Artists Exhibit Reception on February 15th from 7pm to 9pm at the Kinnelon Library. I hope you will go!

Details on the 2012 Kinnelon CLL Art Exhibit...
99 paintings
35 sculptures
43 artists

The artists include:
Marie Anderson
Fran Alession
Maria Androski
Jean Atherton
Irene Busteed
Alison Chase
Mike Conrad
Kathryn Conroy
Betty D'Angelo
Patricia Dubowy
Lynn Evans
Linda Farmer
Nina Flynn
Joan Foster
Ross Franklin
Sandy Gigante
Norman Gross
Jane Hastings
Marlys Huss
Sachiko Koeberle
Cathy Lapenter
Ron Leavesley
Amy Leonard
Karin Lind
Darryl Lynch
Barbara Merkel
Jill Moore
Allen Nelson
Phyllis Poemer
Barbara Porter
Hans Ruffler
Dudy Schindler
Rita Seeto
Robert Seifert
Robert Shine
Sue Silberman
Anne Soules
Bea Stanton
Janet Thorsen
Sonya Vanderhorn
Anne VanHentenryck
Jeannette Wigertz


The 2012 CLL Artists Exhibit includes oil paintings, watercolors and sculpture.  Furthermore, the 2012 exhibit is in continuing remembrance of Bill Scully and Richard Schaupp, two dedicated CLL art instructors who brought the joy of painting to many CLL art students.

Furthermore, the 2012 Artists Exhibit extends special thanks to Evelyn Duvall for her seventeen years of dedication to CLL including guiding hundreds of sculpture students, stimulating their interest and encouraging their creativity.

I hope you will visit the exhibit and experience the artistic visions of those who have been touched by Kinnelon. Do also consider participating in the CLL Artists Exhibit Reception on 2/15/12, from 7 to 9pm.

When you go, and if you'd like to share your photos and perspectives, just let me know. You are most welcome!

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