Saturday, March 17, 2012

Strong College Applications: Kinnelon Library 3/22/12

Strong College Applications: Kinnelon Library 3/22/12
For those of you with high school students ready to contemplate college admission applications, you may be interested in this upcoming event at the Kinnelon Library. It's about how to put together a strong application for college.

Here are details.

The event is titled "The College Process: How to present a strong application package".

It takes place on Thursday, March 22nd, 2012 at the Kinnelon Library at 7pm.

The official event description reads:
"Maryanne Melnyk is an experienced, certified professional who has helped hundreds of students get into their top choice colleges. 

She has published an article in the NJEA Review and was interviewed by NBC News.  Maryanne will host an informative presentation detailing how to put together a strong competitive application package."

As always, please do call the Kinnelon Library to register for this program. The number is: 973 838 1321.

By they way, Ms. Melnyk presented Free College Planning Presentation at The Kinnelon Library: How To Present A Strong Application at the Kinnelon Library in October 2011. Did you attend? Any reactions?

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