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3rd Grade in Kinnelon: Kim Vawter Remembers

3rd Grade in Kinnelon: Kim Vawter Remembers
'Grandpa', Tegan and Tanker in Kim's favorite chair
What are your favorite memories of 3rd Grade?

In response to Emma's story about Star of the Week in the Papasan Chair: Emma's 3rd Grade Tradition, former Kinnelon resident Kim Vawter - who shared Smoke Rise Relic: Car Badge - wrote the following about her 3rd Grade experience at Kiel School:


  I remember my third grad teacher. Her name was Miss Galloway. She was the most beautiful and glamorous person I ever knew. She wore her dark hair in a "Bubble Cut" like Jackie Kennedy. She let us hug her when we came in and hug her when we left to get on the bus. She was the first person in Kinnelon to wear the fashionable "sack" dress when everyone was wearing "shirtwaist" dresses. When she got married, she invited the whole class to the church to see her get married. I went with my mother. It was the most beautiful wedding that I ever saw not on T. V. 

  I remember that in 3rd grade I had my first "crush" on one of the boys. Of course, boys were mostly icky. He was icky too but I remembered that I thought he was cute. His name was Michael and he was blonde. In third grade, I got mostly all "A's" and school was fun. I loved to be called the class "monitor" and I got to clap the erasers together to get rid of the chalk dust. This was a real privilege to be able to do this!

  I am sorry that I can no longer remember her married name because all the third graders from Kiel School went on to Stonybrook school where we joined the 4th-6th grades in that building. Later, the big Kinnelon High School was built to accommodate the 7th- 12th grade until the Pearl Miller Middle school was built.

    I enjoyed your story about the Papasan Chair. It looks very comfortable and special. I just purchased a little child's chair for a Christmas present today. It is still in the box in back of my van. I think everyone should have one great wonderful chair in their life for their very own. Here is a picture of mine with "Grandpa" and my grand daughter, Tegan, and my dog, Tanker.


Thanks, Kim! Miss Galloway sounds pretty special.

I'd love to hear more stories about favorite Kinnelon teachers. Who were they and what do you remember best about them?

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