Sunday, April 24, 2011

Which Were Your Favorite Books?

English embroidered binding, late 19th centuryOn our Bolt bus trip down to DC to visit my parents for Easter, Emma rapidly ran out of books to read. True, the trip lasted much longer than usual - we were stuck at the New Jersey toll booth before the Delaware Memorial Bridge for close to three hours. However, the books she brought lasted twenty minutes in the best of circumstances.

Luckily, I had an iPhone and the bus had electrical outlets and I successfully downloaded a book I thought she might enjoyed - one of my childhood favorites - Anne of Green Gables. [Pretty nifty what's possible with technology!]

In the process of searching for titles [I limited the search criteria to classics], we came across other favorites:

The Complete Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer

The Wind in the Willows

Pride And Prejudice

The Secret Garden

As I thought about these classics, I started to wonder about other favorite books - the ones you can't put down, that become friends, that you enjoy rereading over and over again. What are yours?

Emma has devoured the The Little House on the Prairie books, imagining herself a pioneer girl.

Ted loved The Works of Andre Norton and others in the science fiction and fantasy genre.

My Dad enjoyed The Tom Swift Collection and books like Don Sturdy with the Big Snake Hunters: Or, Lost in the Jungles of the Amazon...

What about you? Which books did you treasure growing up? Which ones do you recommend?

Happy Easter to you!

Image credit:  English embroidered binding, late 19th century
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