Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Vote for Kiel School's IdeaPaint Project! Now!!

Vote for Kiel School's IdeaPaint Project! Now!!
Dear Readers,

On behalf on Kinnelon's Kiel school, and more specifically Annika Levitt, Kiel school first grade teacher, I have a special request: please vote for her class' entry into the IdeaPaint 360 Makeover Contest for 2011 which ends this Sunday, December 4th.

IdeaPaint is a white board paint that transforms spaces into creative, collaborative learning environments. I first came across it in 2009 when I virtually attended a trade show taking place in Chicago and IdeaPaint was taking drawing requests via Twitter [see I attended NeoCon virtually].

Kiel School's IdeaPaint Project has made it to the final round and is one of the top 10 finalists. Annika's first grade class needs all of us to help make the Kiel School Project be the winner. The prize: a “makeover” from IdeaPaint which will maximize space, transforming the walls and other surfaces into whiteboards! Will you help?

Here's how:

Click on IdeaPaint 360 Vote where you will notice all 10 finalist video entries.

The first entry is Kiel School's. Do watch it!  It is very clever and includes the first graders who explain why the makeover is so important.

Then, vote!  You can vote once per day until Sunday, Dec. 4th until 11:59 pm. If you have different e-mail addresses, use them.

Please pass this message and ask family and friends to vote.

Thank you!

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