Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Fayson Lakes Song

Fayson Lakes, Kinnelon
Have you heard the Fayson Lakes Song? I learned about it this afternoon at the Ramstein Beer open house when I got to talking with a long time Fayson Lakes resident.

Speaking with him reminded me that I've not yet written about Fayson Lakes, the other major lake community in Kinnelon.

I consider it a treat to drive along Fayson Lakes road and admire the beautiful water vistas and sports activities - especially in winter when we've noticed ice skating and ice fishing [also check out Ice Fishing, NJ Style] galore!

The photo above comes from the Fayson Lakes Association site; unfortunately, none of the menu options work [I was hoping for online sources of history]. This other Fayson Lakes Association site shows you the West Lake and connects to information about the ferocious Fayson Gators!].

Although the best place in Kinnelon for history about Fayson Lakes is L'Ecole Museum, I have a paragraph to share with you about the beginning of the community:

"In 1927 a subdivision map was filed by Frank Fay, Jr. for his planned summer community, Fayson Lakes. he and his son had ridden by horseback over the mountain from Pompton Plains and, struck by the beauty of the hills, had purchased the old Frederick farm and lake from the Kitchell family, with an eye toward development. The first log cabin built was offered to the hero of the day, Colonel Charles A. Lindberg, as a promotional gimmick.  It worked, although the shy aviator had never responded.  People came, attracted by the idea of a summer cabin in the woods with a lake for recreation, but from the start, some commuted all year. The first roads, still called trails, were designed as loop roads for light auto traffic. Garages along Stonybrook Road were maintained for residents' automobiles. When Mr. Fay was elected mayor in 1931, this road was hard-surfaced and its name changed to Fayson Lakes Road."

From Kinnelon: A History by Lucy A. Meyer, page 8, with thanks to Herb O. Fisher, Jr. for sharing with me his copy of the book.

This map from the Fayson Lakes Water Company website gives you a good feel for the several lakes around which the community developed:

Fayson Lakes Water Company Map

And, now, the Fayson Lakes song!

[Subscribers, click here to view the YouTube video of Fayson Lakes Song.]

[I've never been to the Fayson Lakes beach and enjoyed this video of the beach from 2009. Emma was really taken with the tall diving board! It's fun to watch while listening to the Fayson Lakes song.]

What are your stories about Fayson Lakes? Does the Fayson Lakes song capture some of your memories? What about hikes and historic buildings? What about a rope swing for launching into the water?

Let me know in the comments.

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