Sunday, December 6, 2009

2009 Student Art Exhibit at Kinnelon Library

2009 Kinnelon Student Art Exhibit

Time To Be Artistically Inspired By Kinnelon Students

The 2009 Kinnelon Student Art Exhibit is taking place now at the Kinnelon Public Library.

These are the works of students from Sisco, Kiel and Stonybrook schools in Kinnelon, NJ. At Sisco and Kiel, they were inspired once again by Sona Santagato whom Emma and I visited with Friday evening at the opening reception.

What a treat! I urge you not to miss it!

Cats from 2009 Kinnelon Student Art ExhibitThese cats are great fun; they're made from cardboard, oil pastels and glitter. You'll find these on both floors, one set in the lobby display case, along with Day of the Dead figures made from plaster of Paris, paint and fabric, and the other upstairs.

These next two are Emma's [top Still Life]...

Emma's Asian Brush Painting

Still Life
My photos don't do justice to the wealth and breadth of interpretations.

Talk a walk - ideally several- through the Library during the month of December 2009. You'll be amazed. Our kids are talented and their works guaranteed to lift your spirits. They also inspire you to see with fresh eyes.

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