Monday, December 20, 2010

Smoke Rise Village Inn History: Appealing to Businessmen

Smoke Rise Village Inn History: Appealing to Businessmen
Via Tom Kline's Smoke Rise Village Inn History series - see Part I and Part I - and the Smoke Rise Village Inn in Pictures - see The Smoke Rise Inn: Outdoors in Pictures and Indoors - you're getting a feel for the different roles the Inn has played over time.

Here is a brochure from the early 1970s from the Smoke Rise Inn appealing specifically to businessmen [yes, sorry businesswomen :( ] and encouraging them to consider the Inn for business meetings.

From the Smoke Rise Village Inn

For sometime, we have been involved in such improvements as new carpeting, new chairs and tables, redecorating, etc. However, improvements must be accomplished on a basis which is economically feasible.  The Inn must operate on a sound fiscal basis, if its activities and facilities are to be expanded.

Thus, we are writing to each Smoke Rise businessman in the hope of encouraging additional participation in The Inn and its facilities.  The Inn is -- and always should be -- a private club for use of Smoke Rise residents. However, we feel that its scope might be broadened to include sales meetings, seminars, board meetings and other functions run by companies whose owners or management executives live here.

We are willing to install the club equipment essential to the conduct of business meetings.  Our management and the management of The Inn will go out of their way to make special arrangements, as necessary.

May we ask that you try to help us expand The Inn activities by using the facilities for your next business meeting, business party or sales meeting?

Ken Davidson will be happy to sit down with you and help formulate plans, menus, table arrangements, etc.

With your cooperation, we anticipate being able to improve the role which the Village Inn plays at Smoke Rise.

With the Yuletide season approaching, we would also like to remind you that the Smoke Rise Village Inn private label spirits and all standard brands are available for gift-giving as well as personal use.  Your support will aid us in maintaining and enhancing The Inn.
Happy history-filled Yuletide season!
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